How to fix URL Calling disabled on Polycom IP phones

URL Call is Disabled Error- BlueCloudUSA


My Polycom desk phone can't get a dial tone and the screen reads Url call is disabled.


Applies To

Polycom IP phones


Note: If available, we highly recommend consulting an IT or networking professional when dealing with network issues.
  1. Confirm that all ports and cabling are functional:
    • Plug the affected phone in to a different Ethernet port.
    • Switch out the Ethernet cable of the affected phone for a different one.
    • Unplug the affected phone, and try a working phone with the same port/cable. 
  2. Check firewall settings.
  3. If possible, ensure the phones are passing through only one router (a modem/router combo gateway connected to an additional standalone modem is a potentially problematic setup).
  4. Disable SPI and SIP-ALG in the router (if able) and reboot the router.
  5. Set both primary and secondary DNS on the routers to point to the ISP DNS, then perform a network power cycle.


This error typically indicates a local network connectivity problem, generally related to a DNS failure to resolve to BlueCloudUSA.

This can include:

  • Faulty ports or cabling.
  • The phone being unable to register with the BlueCloudUSA SIP Server (no service), possibly due to firewall or not being located on the proper subnet.
  • Polycom phones being generally sensitive to SPI. Combo (modem/router) devices are notorious for having SPI enabled by default. Some don't have the ability to disable SPI.
  • DNS issues.
  • Other problematic network setup issues.

Additional Information

firmware update may be required.

Please contact BlueCloudUSA support at to schedule a call to get this resolved.


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