How to schedule reminders using the BlueCloudUSA Mobile App for Business Texting

Schedule Reminders - BlueCloudUSA Business Texting Mobile App

You can schedule reminders directly from our mobile app to notify users of upcoming appointments, events, etc.


  1. Press on your desired conversation with the user that will be receiving a reminder:


  2. On the next screen, press the dropdown menu button on the top-right:


  3. On the dropdown menu, press "Schedule Reminder":


  4. A screen to schedule your message will be displayed:


  5. Tap on the date options and select the date you'd like your reminder to go out:


  6. Tap on the hour or minute options and select the time you'd like your reminder to go out:


  7. Enter the message that will be delivered with the reminder:


  8. When you're ready to schedule your reminder, press "Schedule Reminder":


  9. A confirmation pop-up window will let you know your reminder has been scheduled successfully.
    - Note: If you need to edit or cancel a reminder, you will need to log into the desktop dashboard. Click here to read the complete guide.