Saving Numbers to Favorites

Saving Numbers to Favorites

How to Save Numbers to Favorites:

1. Without lifting the receiver, push the right arrow on the wheel to locate the number in dialed calls or the left arrow to locate number received calls.
2. Once you’ve scrolled to and highlighted the number you wish to save, press the info button beneath the screen.
3. Now press the Save button beneath the screen.
4. Overwrite the highlighted number you see with the First Name or Company Name of the contact. The phone number is already saved in a field below.
5. Scroll down to fill out any fields desired, being CAREFUL NOT TO overwrite the number already highlighted on the “Favorite Index”.

Once you’ve added the info you want, press the save button directly beneath the screen.

Now that it’s been saved, it can be quickly referenced when placing a call by pressing the Up Arrow on the Wheel and using the Button in the center of the wheel to select.

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