How to Retrieve a Call Log on the Bria Enterprise Mobile App

How to Retrieve a Call Log on the Bria Enterprise Mobile App

-After you complete a call, please end the call and go directly to settings in the right hand corner (picture of a cog).
-Select advanced settings.
-Under Application please select send log.
-In the pop up, please enter a name and quick description of your experience (I.e. Could only hear every other word, inbound or outbound call did not have audio, call was dropped, etc).
-Press Send.
-When you see the "Sending Log Success" message, please take a screen shot* and send us the call log Ref#. You can send the screenshot and Ref# to

*To take a screenshot on and Iphone, press and hold the home button and power button simultaneously until you see the screen flash. If your Iphone doesn't have a home button, you can press the volume up and power buttons simultaneously.
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