How to Edit a Contact's Information in the BlueCloudUSA Business Texting Mobile App

Editing a Contacts Information - BlueCloudUSA Business Texting Mobile App

You can add a contact's information or modify their details directly from our mobile app.


  1. Press on your desired conversation with the user that needs their information added or modified:


  2. On the next screen, press the dropdown menu button on the top-right:


  3. On the dropdown menu, press "Profile":


  4. On the Contact Information screen, add or modify your desired contact's information:


  5. Click "Done" when you've finished adding or modifying your contact's information:


  6. A confirmation window will show that the contact's information has been saved:


  7. For example, if you've added or modified the contact's first and last name, you will then see them appear above the phone number:


  8. When going back to the conversation, you will also see the phone number change to the contact's first and last name: