Bria Mobile Soft Phone App

Bria Mobile Soft Phone App

To Download the paid Mobile Soft Phone App Bria 
(advanced call features available)  
Go to either the google play store or IOS App store and search for the Bria App (it has an arrow pointing up and and arrow pointing down). 
1. Once Downloaded, open the App
2. Click Next until it gives you the options to either pay $9.99 for a 12 month subscription or $.99/ month
3. There will be a series of pop ups. Please answer based on your own preferences. 
4. VOIP Calling
5. Account Name : Your Name
6. Display as: Your Name
7. Username: 
 Place 8-Digit SIP Here (email for your SIP) 
8. Password: (email for your provisioning password) 
9. Domain:
10. Click Save/Register

Once  Registration is Complete, To setup your Voicemail Direct Dial
1.Press the settings wheel in the lower right hand corner
2. Select accounts
3. Select the  information icon (small i with a circle) for your SIP account
4.Slide the tab to disable the account
5.  scroll down to Voicemail
6. VM Number :  *1
7. Scroll back up and and slide the tab to enable the telephone.

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