Bria Desktop Soft Phone Training

Bria Desktop Training Video

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      To Download the paid Mobile Soft Phone App Bria  (advanced call features available) :   Go to either the google play store or IOS App store and search for the Bria App (it has an arrow pointing up and and arrow pointing down).  1. Once Downloaded, ...
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    • How to Check Your Voicemail on the Bria Enterprise Desktop App

      Check your voicemail by following the directions below: Press the voicemail button (upside down binoculars) or dial *1 on the Bria Softphone. Listen to the options presented to you and press 1 to hear the voicemail. Follow the prompts to delete or ...
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      To download the Bria 5 SoftPhone App software from CounterPath, please click on either the Mac or Windows link below, depending on your operating system.  Mac: Windows: ...
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      This key diagram of the Bria 5, details how the Softphone will display on both cell phones & computers.  ​