Click2Call Chrome Plugin Instructions:

Click2Call Chrome Plugin Instructions:

1. Go to the chrome web store and get the Click2Call Plugin: 

2. Add the extension to chrome.

3. Now you should see a BlueCloud logo in your apps bar on the top right of the browser.

Click the icon to configure settings as follows:

  1. Username: (your login to*
  2. Password: (your password to*
  3. Extension: Your SIP ID*
  4. CallerID: This is the number that will show up as your outbound CallerID when you initiate a Click2Call.
  5. Plus + convert into: Often times + symbols are used to denote an international destination. This will automatically replace it with 011.
  6. Blacklist/Whitelist: Choose where this app will work. If you want it to work on all websites select “Blacklist” and leave the Domains list blank. If you only want it to work on certain sites use the “Whitelist” Feature and include the domains you wish to be able to use the app on.
  7. Click “Save Settings”.
  8. That’s it! Just click on a phone number in chrome and your phone will automatically ring and be connected with the number.


* If you do not know your login information please open a support ticket by emailing 


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